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Fitness Soccer Program:

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Ages 2 and up. 

Toddler Program  (18 - 36 months)


Our Toddler Program currently has limited availability. Please contact us for more information. Updated 6/15/20

Our toddler program is professionally designed for children ages 18 months to 36 months.  The program is based on current research and sound theories of how children learn and develop.  All the activities are based on age level, are adaptable to the child's individual abilities, and are meaningful in that the teachers consider the children's interests and offer hands-on experiences and real objects to manipulate.  The activities stimulate creativity and foster exploration, while promoting active participation and interaction with others in the setting. 



Staff members that oversee the toddler programs make all decisions in a group agreement and have a shared vision: to prepare toddlers with the skills needed to succeed in preschool and become respectful, productive adults. Staff in the toddler programs also incorporate one-on-one affection and attention to the children. Our program requires that staff fill out daily toddler grams that are sent home with parents at pick up describing the child's day and moods.

WEEKLY RATES: (classroom ratio 1:6)

3 days - $128.95

4 days - $158.60

5 days - $183.25


  • To enhance the child's awareness of self

  • To observe each child's interest in order to provide opportunities for exploration and discovery

  • To offer play-based developmental activities

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment


  • Toddler I - Children ages 18-25 months
  • Toddler II - Children ages 24-28 months
  • Early Learners - Children ages 28-36 months

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