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Infant program  (0-18 Months)  duaUpdated6/1/15

Our Infant Program has limited availability at this time. 

Updated  6/15/20

content standards for the state of ohio

Building attachments and bonding are important parts of the Ohio Infant Guidelines and our staff builds a personal bond with each child.  Ohio's Infant Guidelines are followed rigorously to help meet the standards and build the foundation for the rest of the child's development.  The teachers engage the children by doing nursery rhymes, finger plays, lullabies and peek-a-boo with them to help simulate social development.  The teachers also observe physical behaviors and note progression in development.

program description

The teachers in the Infant Room spend their days providing the children with security, exploration and ways to develop a sense of personal identity.  The teachers work seamlessly to provide valuable support for the children's parents.  Infant Grams are filled out daily by the teachers to update parents on the days happenings.  The children also work on fine gross motor activities daily. 


3 days - $134.00

4 days - $174.00

5 days - $205.00

staff ratio

Our center follows and exceeds the state guidelines for staff-child ratio.  We prefer to keep the number of children to adults as low as possible in order to provide a better bonding environment. 

  • The State of Ohio Staff-Child Ratio for Infants Birth to 12 Months:  1:5 or 2:12

  • Creative Learning's Staff-Child Ratio for Infants Birth to 12 Months:  2:5 or 3:8

  • *Due to the Covid 19 pandemic our infant classroom ratio is 1:4 until further notice from the governor.